Dryer Vent Repair Service

We'll Make Your Dryer Vent Safe, Efficient and Building Code Compliant

We rarely see dryer vents that were built in accordance with the building codes. This is amazing, considering the number of homes in Frederick, MD and the surrounding area that are ten years old or less. Builders install screens on the vent terminations, use improper materials, fail to fasten the duct sections properly and support them as required. This frequently leads to clogged vents and disconnected duct pieces behind walls and ceilings. We can fix those mistakes and made your home safe, efficient and code compliant.

Dryer Vent Repairs We commonly Do:

Replace flexible or semi-rigid ducting with rigid ducting

Flexible or semi-rigid ducting is not allowed to be concealed within construction. The building code prohibits this because it can lead to many problems. These materials can easily burn through in the event of a fire in the vent. You clearly don’t want a fire to spread within the framing of the home. These materials also tear very easily. If this happens, moisture and lint will be blown into your wall or ceiling which can lead to mold and other issues. Also, a gas dryer exhausts carbon monoxide, which is a byproduct of burning natural gas. That carbon monoxide would be leaking into your home if the duct was torn or disconnected.

Builders often use these materials when the duct has to navigate around interference such as ventilation ducting. It is easier to use these materials than it is to do the right thing and build it with rigid ducting. This is also commonly seen when homeowners add an extension on the home and do it themselves, since they do not know the code requirements.

We can remove the old ducting, clean up any mess and get the right materials installed. 

Replace Rusted/Rotted Ducting

Even rigid galvanized steel ducting can rot if subjected to high moisture for long periods. This is sometimes seen in long vents where condensation collects at a low point or in vents that have old bird nests or lint clogs that get wet and sit there, rotting the duct. 

We can remove the old materials and install new galvanized steel ducting.

Re-attach Disconnected Ducts

The International Residential Code (IRC) requires that duct sections are to be mechanically fastened, that means screwed together, and taped with proper tape. However, just about every builder out there fails to screw the duct sections together. The builders aren’t the only ones who get this wrong. Just about every dryer vent cleaning company does this wrong as well.

Another common problem is adjustable elbows popping apart, as seen in the photo below. We wrap the elbow with tape and ensure the duct is properly supported so that there is no tension on those elbows. We build ducts so that they don’t just come apart on you.

We can cut into your ceiling or wall, vacuum out the mess, fix the connection and patch the wall back up for you. All you’ll have to do is spackle and paint.

Fix broken wall penetrations

It’s common to see adjustable elbows used to make the transition from the laundry room to the duct in the wall. These elbows are built of multiple sections that snap together and therefore can easily pop apart. When the piece that extends into the laundry room pops off, you have nothing to attach the duct to.

We can fix this too.

Miscellaneous Repairs

We’ve seen all kinds of goofy construction from builders and homeowners. Whatever your problem is, we can help with a solution.

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