Bird Guard Installation Service

We can protect your home's vents from birds

It is extremely important to have your home’s vents covered with bird guard cages or screens. If birds are able to get into your vents, they can create a real mess. Bird droppings and dead birds can smell terribly and are a biohazard. Even with disinfectant, the smell is sometimes very difficult to get rid of. Also, the birds can possibly be infected with bird mites. Bird mites are a nightmare to get rid of once they get into your home. We’ve heard stories of people throwing out all of their possessions and selling their home after years of trying to remove them. Don’t take the risk. The cost of cleaning up their mess is far more than the initial cost to keep them out.

Our Service Includes:

Bird Guard or Screen Installation

Dryer vents should not be covered with anything that will clog. We use the Defender brand Bird Guards for dryer vents. They have parallel bars that allow lint to pass through.

Bathroom fan vents and kitchen vents can be covered with cages or screens, because they will not clog. We typically install screens over vents with hoods and cages over vents with a flat profile. The metal screen material is cheaper than a cage, but we can install anything you like. All of the products we use are high quality galvanized steel. The cages are powder coated with a nice paint finish.

Cleaning bird droppings off your siding

We will spray the siding with disinfectant and brush loose the bird dropping stains near the vent.

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