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Most dryer vent problems start at the vent cover. The problem is sometimes a bird nest, clogged screen or bird guard. Other times it is a jammed flap on the vent cover. There are many types of covers and some are more problematic than others. Lint buildup commonly jams flaps if they aren’t cleaned regularly. Some metal flaps are susceptible to rusting as well. If you have a flap that works fine and proper protection from birds, your chances of having dryer vent problems go way down.

SErvice details:

Dryer vent cover types

Different types of vent covers each have their pros and cons. Metal ones can rust and plastic ones get brittle after years in the sun. Hooded vents are much more inefficient than louvered vents, but louvered vents catch lint and clog easier. Also, there are price differences. We will give you an honest assessment of your best option, based on the effective length of your vent and how easy it is to access your vent cover. We will properly install whatever you want.

We recommend the DryerWallVent brand vent cover because they are efficient, durable and they look great. They are made of galvanized steel and are powder coated with a nice painted finish. These vent covers are designed to keep birds out as well. We started installing them over two years ago and haven’t had one customer report of birds nesting in them. We were skeptical about them at first, but so far so good. We still guarantee them against bird nests for two years.

Sealing the Vent Cover

All vent covers are securely to the ducting and screwed to the house. The penetration is then sealed with a high quality construction adhesive/sealant that dries clear.

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