Dryer Vent Installation Service

We can install new dryer vents or re-route existing ones

Whether you are relocating or adding a new laundry room or you would like to re-route a vent for greater efficiency, we can help. We will ensure your vent is built with the best materials, is engineered for efficiency and meets all building code requirements.

About Our Dryer Vent Installations:

Built With High Quality Materials

We use heavy gauge ducting and elbows. A minimum thickness of 28 Gauge is required by the International Residential Code (IRC). We typically use 26 gauge, which is even thicker. 30 Gauge ducting is not allowed, but is sold in stores and is commonly used by other companies. 30 gauge is too thin and can easily be crushed or bent. Galvanized steel or aluminum can be used. Aluminum is more expensive and not as strong as steel, but it won’t ever rust. galvanized steel can eventually rust under certain conditions, but is typically fine. Which material is better for your home depends on the duct configuration and is something we will discuss with you.

We also have vent covers and bird guards that are made of galvanized steel that come powder coated in multiple colors. These will never become brittle from UV rays like other plastic parts. They also are more efficient and will not clog with lint.

Built Per Building Code Requirements

All requirements of the IRC are adhered to. This includes materials, design, assembly, support and sealing of wall penetrations.

Optimized for Airflow Efficiency

Our dryer vent installations are always built with efficiency in mind. The shortest path possible will always be taken, with the number of turns minimized. The use of 90 degree bends will only be used if absolutely necessary. High efficiency elbows, with a large turn radius, greatly improve efficiency and are an option for our customers.

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