Bird Nest Removal Service

We remove bird nests from residential vents

Birds are very dirty creatures and can make a mess in your home’s vents. Dead birds and bird droppings can create terrible smells in your home and if they are infected with bird mites, you will have problems much bigger than foul smells! If you have a bird nest in your dryer vent, bathroom fan exhaust vent or a kitchen range or microwave vent, we can help. Bird nests in dryer vents are removed as part of the dryer vent cleaning service.

Service Details:

Removal of the birds

Most bird nests in residential vents in this region of the country are from European Starlings. They are an invasive species and there is no law against removing them. Native species, however, are not supposed to be disturbed until they are done nesting and the babies can fly on their own. We know the difference and will let you know what is nesting in your vent. Baby starlings can be removed and placed in another container, like a flower pot, and hung up nearby so the mama bird can take care of them. 

Removal of the Nest

The nest is removed by a combination of brushing, blowing and vacuuming. We make sure it’s all gone.