Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

We Don't Just Clean the Dryer Vent

There’s a reason we are the best dryer vent cleaning service in the Frederick, MD area. When we come to your home to service your dryer vent, we do a lot more than just clean out the vent. We take care of everything and we do it for one price. Unlike other companies, we don’t quote you one price and then charge you another when we get there. We don’t believe in gimmicks. We believe in integrity. Keep reading to understand why we offer the most comprehensive dryer vent cleaning service available in the Frederick, MD area.

Check out the photos in our dryer vent cleaning gallery to see more dirty dryers, clogged vent covers and other things we’ve seen and cleaned.

Our Service Includes:

full Inspection of Your Dryer Vent System

Dryer vents are often poorly constructed. We will inspect your entire system to identify any building code violations and will point out any recommendations for improving efficiency. If it is visibly accessible anywhere in the home, we want to see it. If necessary, we can perform a camera inspection to identify internal problems such as disconnected ducts behind walls and ceilings. We also have instruments that can check your dryer’s outlet temperature and the back-pressure in your dryer vent. If there’s a problem, we’ll find it.

Thorough Cleaning of the Dryer Vent

We clean the entire length of your dryer vent, using a rotary brush and a powerful blower/vacuum. Many companies attempt to clean the vent from outside the home only. We clean it from the inside out and verify that the brush travels the full length of the vent. We also clean or replace the transition duct (from the dryer to the wall). We have simple nylon brushes that work just fine in most cases. If necessary, we can use steel bristle brushes as well. We’ve found bird nests and even dead birds in the duct right behind the dryer. There is no extra charge for removing bird nests!

Internal Dryer Cleaning

Lint accumulates inside your dryer over time. This can eventually cause a fire. In fact, all lint related fires start INSIDE the dryer. We disassemble your dryer and clean it out internally. The fan blades, lint trap housing, heater element and motor are all cleaned free of dangerous lint buildup. 

Dryer Inspection

Most dryer problems are caused by problems with the vent. If you call an appliance repair company you will have to pay them for their time just to tell you the dryer is fine (which is typically the case) and that you need to get the vent cleaned, which they usually don’t do. Either that, or they fix a problem caused by a clogged vent, but don’t clean the vent. Then you have to call us anyway. Why go through that hassle? We can service your dryer vent and inspect the dryer for necessary repairs when we disassemble it for internal cleaning. We can also do most repairs. Inspections are included in our dryer vent cleaning service. Repairs are extra.

Transition Duct Replacement

Transition ducts, from the dryer to the wall, can lead to many problems if damaged or installed improperly. We’ll replace yours with what we believe is the highest quality duct available, the DryerFlex.

Inspection and Cleaning of the Vent Cover

Most dryer vent problems begin at the vent cover, where the dryer vent exits the home. Clogged screens and guards, bird nests and dampers not opening properly are the primary causes of clogged vents. We will ensure that everything is clean and working properly, even if we have to go on your roof or in your attic. If something needs to be replaced, we will give you our recommendation to make the vent as efficient and safe as possible. For replacements, please see our Bird Guard Installation and Dryer Vent Cover Replacement Services.

Cleanup Behind and Beneath the Dryer

We always leave your home better than we found it and that goes for your laundry room floor. This isn’t an area you get to access often, so we make sure it’s nice and clean before we leave. 

Flipping Your Dryer Door

It’s incredibly annoying when your washer and dryer doors don’t open the right way. We’ll flip your door for you and make your life easier when moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer.

Minor Dryer Vent Maintenance

We will fix duct connections, add support brackets and perform other minor maintenance that is needed for no extra charge.

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