2023 Maxwell Square Dryer Vent Cleaning

We are happy to offer discounted group rates for the Maxwell Square community for 2023. If you are interested in receiving service, please complete and submit the form below. The discounted rates are based on us being able to do multiple units on a single visit. Please provide as many possible days and times that you’re available so we can best accommodate everyone. We can begin work on any day where we meet our minimum job threshold. 

We offer two dryer vent cleaning services:

Express Dryer Vent Cleaning – $150  (Normal Price $250)
We will rotary brush and blow/suck your entire vent, from the dryer to the cover outside, vacuum behind the dryer and make sure the connection from the dryer to the wall is airtight.

Full Service Dryer Vent Cleaning – $275  (Normal Price $375)
We will perform an express dryer vent cleaning plus:

We will disassemble and clean the inside of your dryer including the heater element, lint trap, fan blades, motor etc.
This service is recommended if your dryer is over 5 years old or if you have a lot of lint behind the dryer. The reason for this is that leaking lint gets sucked into the air intake vents behind the dryer and it ends up accumulating on and around the heater element creating a fire hazard. This cleaning will also ensure that air moves efficiently through the dryer. A clogged lint trap/ clogged fan prevents the dryer from working well. We will also wash the floor behind the dryer, replace the transition duct that runs from the dryer to the wall, flip the dryer door if it opens the wrong way and other minor things that may need to be done.

You can read more about our dryer vent cleaning services here

Roof Vent Charge $50 (Normally $75)

There is an extra charge to clean the flap on the roof. This requires either going up on the roof or accessing it from the attic. It is important to clean these flaps because they get stuck easily when lint gets crusted around them. This can’t be done adequately with a brush tool from the laundry room.
You can skip this if you like, but we cannot guarantee that the flap won’t stick on you and cause problems later on. We can generally get the vent clean. We just can’t guarantee the flap won’t cause a future problem without cleaning it.

We also offer bird protection cages and flap replacements. You can choose to add that to the dryer vent cleaning service. We can discuss these options when we come to clean your vent.

Bird Guard Installation – $75 (Normal Price $90)
Painted steel cages that keep birds out and don’t clog with lint.
Check out the product website

Dryer WallVent Installation – $125 (Normal Price $175)
Painted Steel Magnetic flap dryer vent replacement covers that look great and keep birds out.
Check out the product website

We also offer bird nest removal services from bathroom and kitchen vents as well.
We can clean the nest out and deodorize/disinfect the vent and add metal screens to the vent covers. Pricing for these services depends on the situation. We can give you a quote when we arrive.

Lastly, we can do chimney cleaning, gutter cleaning, and all other types of handyman work
If there’s anything else you need, we can probably help and give you a combined rate for whatever you need. Most of our technicians have previous experience doing these types of tasks. We can give you a quote when we arrive.

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