Bird Guard Installation in Hagerstown, MD

We Can Bird-Proof Your Home's Vents

Birds make a terrible mess when they make nests in your home’s kitchen vent, bathroom fan vents and dryer vent. If they make a big enough mess, the smell can get pretty bad in your home. A dead bird in the vent will take the smell to a whole new level and if the birds are infected with Bird Mites, you are really in for a surprise! Good luck ridding your home of those things. 

Many of the newly constructed homes in Hagerstown do not have any bird guards or screens on the vents. The builders save a few dollars a house that way and leave you with trouble later. European Starlings are a serious problem in this region and they will eventually nest in your vents. It is much more expensive to remove a bird nest and disinfect or replace a duct that is really fouled up. Why wait for the worst? Let us protect all of your vents from birds with quality cages and screens.

If you already have birds nesting in your vents, we can remove the bird nests, disinfect or replace the ducting, and then install bird guards

Bird Guard Installation in Hagerstown

We are a local, veteran owned and operated company out of Frederick, MD.  We are not a national franchise and dryer vent cleaning is not just a part of our business. Dryer vent cleaning, repair and installation are our specialties.

We also specialize in bird nest removal and bird guard installations.

Contact us today for a hassle-free quote. We’d be honored to provide you with bird guard installation service in Hagerstown and prevent birds from nesting in your home’s vents.

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